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The Need for Leadership

How often events turn on the strength of leadership. The Milwaukee mayoral race is about leadership — not leadership as an abstract concept but the actual ability to guide, direct, influence and motivate. It is preferred that our next mayor be a leader. I don’t see that trait apparent in either of our choices.

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April 2004

Props to the Shepherd Express for running a lengthy article on our neighborhood — it’s good to see some in-depth local content on the cover of our city’s news and entertainment weekly. The March 3 story, “Riverwest: From Working Class to Creative Class” was a nice overview of the ‘hood by free-lancer John Rondy. You […]

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Community Building Through Journalism: Neighborhood Newspapers Make a Difference

by Sonya Jongsma Knauss When David Burton at the University of Missouri wrote the words above, he was describing a trend towards smaller, more localized newspapers in his state. He says, “Southwest Missouri is dominated by small community newspapers, which throw their news and editorial weight behind providing local coverage. The finest community newspapers know […]

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