Archive | April 2004

Milwaukee LGBT Center Offers Programs for Youth

by Erin Slattery While working on the Community Calendar last month, I noticed that Project Q, the youth program of the Milwaukee Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender (LGBT) Community Center, is offering a new program: Young Women’s Night.I figured if I didn’t know what Young Women’s Night was, neither would you, so I dropped in on […]

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Raising the Bar

by Judith Ann Moriarty Does Riverwest really need yet another bar? How about one with a view of a magnificent church? One where you can dine delicious a few doors east at the West Bank Cafe? One featuring plenty of parking? A snuggery high on artful attitude and low on pickled pigs’ feet?

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Roast Inc. Caters to Coffee Lovers

by Brian Kalish Starting a small business of any kind is a risky proposition. Starting a coffee shop on the East Side, a neighborhood dominated by heavyweights like Alterra and Starbucks, seems fatalistic. However, newcomer Roast Inc., located just south of the UWM campus on the corner of Locust and Maryland Streets, is poised to […]

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Skin Deep Thrills

by Dan Wilson Skin Deep, Sacha Parisot’s debut feature film, has a very tight script. As thrillers go, it’s better than average, with some unexpected twists and wonderful dialog. Spain’s Aitor Mantxola photographs the film beautifully, with a preponderance of golden hour light.

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Second Saturdays Film Showcase

by Dan Wilson Curtis Williams wants to entertain you. He sees Milwaukee’s potential as a mecca of arts and entertainment, and through his company, All Access Entertainment, Inc., is presenting Second Saturdays as a way to showcase film, music, and arts to local audiences.

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