Archive | April 2004

Waiting to be Filled: Vacant Commercial Spaces

by Tess Reiss Attention local entrepreneurs, techies, foodies, artists, hair stylists, professionals, and shopkeepers of all stripes: If you’ve got a business idea or are ready to expand your existing business, here’s a list of some of the currently available commercial spaces in Riverwest.

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Pratt & Barrett: Time to cover something else

April 1–Milwaukee mayoral candidates Marvin Pratt and Tom Barrett joined today in asking the news media to shift the spotlight from their campaigns to the Milwaukee County Executive race in the final days before Tuesday’s election. “We’ve enjoyed the attention, but let’s face it — there is only so much you can say about us,” […]

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Youth Writing Programs at Woodland Pattern

by Peter Schmidtke Anansi has just discovered a sandy hill of brown termites. “I’ll use these somehow,” 10-year-old Anansi says wonderingly as he shows the glossy National Geographic to the five other 10 to 12-year-olds in the after-school poetry and collage class at the Woodland Pattern Book Center, a nonprofit literary center on the 700 […]

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Snail’s Crossing: The Plans Behind the Plants

by Belle Bergner Ever wonder how people decide what types of plants to put in certain places? Why put this bush here, or that perennial there? For Marina Lee, director of the Snail’s Crossing park project on the corner of Burleigh and Bremen streets, the decision-making process is largely done with the goal of bringing […]

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Healthcare for Riverwest: Pierce Community Nursing Center

by Jan Christensen Wouldn’t it be great if we had a health care center in Riverwest that provided immunizations to school-aged children at no cost to parents? A place that offered primary urgent care and other simple health services to adults at a sliding scale? And bilingual services for Spanish-speaking families? Guess what: We already […]

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