Winter Farmers Market / Harvest of Hope @ St. Casimir

Winter Farmers Market this Saturday, March 6, from 1-7pm at the St. Casimir’s Site of Our Lady of Divine Providence Catholic Parish. (The church is located in Riverwest at 924 E. Clark Street, and you can enter the parking lot on Weil St. between Clark and Center.) Our national and political leaders fail to even consider the most vital of questions: As 60 years of trends across our land rapidly continue to displace farm families, who is going to raise our food? As factory farming replaces food production with product production, the physical and spiritual costs are staggering. How do we live out the Christian call in the midst of this to live in right relationship with the land and each other? Come hear Tony Ends speak to these and other issues at 12pm–“Eating as a Matter of Faith: Sustainable Agriculture and Christianity.” Tony is the director of the Churches’ Center for Land and People in Sinsinawa, WI, a network of churches and organizations working for the betterment of rural families and communities through integration of earth stewardship, community, spirituality and justice. Come and make a difference by voting with your pocketbook at the fair trade winter farmers market! Some items you will see are: woolen goods, farmstead milk soap, cheeses, meats, honey and organic flour. All vendors make or grow what they sell and follow sustainable fair trade practices, and they will donate at least 10% of sales to Harvest of Hope Fund, an emergency fund that helps Wisconsin farmers through bleak times This event is co-sponsored by the Churches. Center for Land and People and the JustFaith groups of the Riverbank Catholic Connection. For more information contact Tony Ends at Scotch Hill Farm, 608-897-4288 or Ryan O’Rourke at Ss. Peter and Paul Catholic Church, 414-962-2443.