minutes taken by Lorraine Jacobs Holton Street/Center Street report by Jim Wilson Jim Wilson (YMCA CDC) and Don Sargent (Riverworks) sent a mailing to business owners on Holton and Center Streets inviting them to a meeting about the city’s Main Street program. Only about five attended. Another meeting is being planned in the hopes that more will attend to get info about the program and to consider the possibility of forming a Center Street Business Association. Crime Update report by Jim Wilson The District 5 crime meeting was held February 5. Community liaison officer Bruce Scott reported that Chief Hegerty hopes to begin holding the meetings twice a month. Incidents of crime have increased since the previous month. Scott cautioned residents regarding late night knocking at the door for snow shoveling, etc. Street crime at bar closings will be a focus this month. There was some discussion regarding the quality of crime information in regard to comparisons over time (months and years) and analysis of shifts in crime activity. Jim Wilson will ask about this at the next meeting. Crystal Graf, assistant to Ald. Mike D’Amato, indicated that Chief Hegerty is planning to make comparison crime data available on line. Currently the various databases in the police department are not compatible enough to allow for this to happen. Alley Lighting report by Tim Vertz Home Depot responded to a letter requesting support for the alley lighting project; Tim will meet with a representative soon. No response yet from the City Engineer regarding request for a survey of alley lighting in Riverwest; will follow up. Development Committee report by Clare Lewis Update from the Riverwest Investment Cooperative, Clare Lewis. Exterior work is completed, and the house at 2543 N. Holton is now ready for interior work. Guardians of Green Space report by Vince Bushell -Reviewed schedule of Spring 2004 events at “Snail’s Crossing:” March 6, Neighbor Workshop from 9 a.m. — noon. – Reservoir Park Update: the RNA Board will be prepare a position paper on our perspective regarding updating this park. Sonya Jongsma Knauss noted that Carrie Lewis, Water Department, advised her that models are being created to provide a visual guide. These will be presented informally to the Historic Preservation Commission for input and approval before approaching the neighborhood for feedback. – CMC has transferred land to the City for $750,000. This is the RR right of way in the area of “Snail’s Crossing” from Burleigh north to Keefe. It will be developed as a pedestrian/bike path, and it is hoped to eventually connect this with the river path near Locust Street. These plans make use of State Funds to support alternate transportation. – A Bike Path, with enhancements, has been approved for Holton Street between Locust and the viaduct. City-Wide housing Coalition report by Jeff Barke This is a coalition of non-profits and community organizations interested in housing issues. They meet the third Thursday of the month. There is no formal policy for becoming a member, just regular attendance required. They provide citywide surveys of housing. Jeff will continue to attend the meetings. RNA’s inclusion should help in pursuing some of the housing concerns along Holton Street and elsewhere in Riverwest. Rna Priorities/goals for 2004 report by Lorraine Jacobs A Priorities and Goals list was explained and reviewed. Chairs and members were appointed to standing RNA committees. Guardians of Green Space: Vince Bushell, Chair; Members: Tim Vertz, Shawn Smart. Holton Street Revitalization: Tess Reiss, Chair; Members: Nancy Centz, County Sup. Willie Johnson, Jim Wilson (CDC), Rick Slayton (CDC), Don Sargent (Riverworks). Development: Jeff Barke and Sonya Jongsma Knauss, co-chairs; Members: Patrick Moore. Youth Issues: Self Wise Allah, Chair; Members: Tanya Cromartie-Twaddle, Tim Vertz, Laura Martin. Administrative/Steering: Nancy Centz, Chair; Members: RNA Board Members. Each committee will meet prior to the next RNA meeting to prioritize goals. The meeting agenda will be revised to include these reporting areas. “Snail’s Crossing” Book Project report by Glenda PuhekGlenda Puhek is planning to coordinate the writing of a book about the creation of “Snail’s Crossing” park. She requested that RNA become the fiscal receiver for funds related to this project. It was moved and passed that “upon receipt of 501c3 non-profit status, RNA will become the fiscal receiver for the ‘Snail’s Crossing’ book project.”
minutes taken by Lorraine Jacobs