This Weekend in Riverwest 1/20

====================== FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 20 ====================== CIRCLE A, Chambers & Weil “Alive at 8” w/Aluminum Knot Eye, 8PM, $2. “Rockin’ A Friday w/Let’s Rock With Johnny Z, 10PM. BREMEN CAFE, Bremen & Clarke, 9PM Fair Webber (2003 WAMI Folk Artist Winner) & Mambo Surfers, $5 LINNEMAN’S, Locust & Weil, 10PM Orin Project. ======================= SATURDAY, FEBRUARY, 21 ======================= ST. CASIMIR SCHOOL, Bremen & Clarke, NOON & 1:30PM Spanish Classes ONOPA, Center & Fratney Vital Source 2 Year Birthday Party to benefit WMSE, 9PM, $5 W/The Etiquette, Holy Mary Motor Club, Telectro, DJ Dollar Bill, DJ BTS.WORKING. $5 includes music, food & prizes. CIRCLE A, Chambers & Weil, 10PM Psychedelic Psaturday: w/Headset’s Psycho Lounge LINNEMAN’S, Locust & Weil, 10PM Rockin’ blues w/Little Jimmy & The Blackbirds. MAD PLANET, Center & Booth, 10PM Carolina, 21+. Secure parking. ====================== SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 22 ====================== VILLA TERRACE DECORATIVE ARTS MUSEUM, 1-4PM Opening reception for Dedi Knox’s “Reflections of Italy” watercolor series. Gallery talk at 2PM. CIRCLE A, Chambers & Weil “Alive at 8” w/Rachel Raven Lily Sophia, 8PM, $2. RootSunday w/Cousin Carl, 10PM. QUARTERS, Center & Bremenv 9:30PM-1:30AM Mighty Django Hi-Fi w/selectors Eric Blowtorch & Joe the Ambassador. ====================================================== UPCOMING WEEKEND EVENTS ====================================================== ====================== SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 28 ====================== TAMARACK COMMUNITY SCHOOL, 1150 E. Brady, 7-11PM Midwinter Night’s Party to benefit the school, honoring Tamarack School parents Susan Mudd & John Norquist. Featuring One Drum, Keith Watling & friends, Barika Bellydance, appetizers & desserts, silent auction. Tickets: $25, or $40 for 2 tickets. For more info or to purchase tickets, call 277-0009. BREMEN CAFE, Bremen & Clarke, 9P Angie Said Red, smoke-free show, $5. BUCKETWORKS, 1319 W. MLK DRIVE, 6PM-2AM Clamor Music Festival, $5, all ages Tentative Music Lineup: Chip Cruz (6:00pm-6:40pm) Cache (7:00pm-8:00pm) Motion Disorderz Crew(8:05pm-8:25pm) Taste Emcees featuring Armagideon(8:45pm-9:45pm) JoAnn Riedl(10:00pm-10:40pm) Motion Disorderz Crew(10:45pm-11:05pm) Sarai(11:15pm-11:45pm) Signaldrift(12:00am-12:40am) People Again(12:50am-1:50am) Groups tabling: Latino Community Center, Riverwest Food Co-op, Milwaukee IMC (Independent Media Center), Education for the People, Milwaukee Venue Project, Strive Media, Echo Zine Distribution, Woodland Pattern Books, Milwaukee Feminist Bookstore, Queer Zine Archive Project, Que Pasa bookstore, AK Press, Milwaukee Bicycle Collective, Growing Power, Planned Parenthood, Coleta’s Pizza Collective, Wisconsin AIDS Resource Center, CORE, Peace Action Center, Milwaukee I.W.W., Walkers Point Center for the Arts, Food Not Bombs, Beanhead Cafe, Green Dragon Cafi, Riverwurst Comics, Animal Defense League, Fashion Ninja, Hotboards, Milwaukee Mask and Puppet Theater, Riverwest Film and Video, Riverwest Currents Bucketworks is located just north of downtown on the corner of McKinley Ave. Enter the building using the south parking lot door. The building is a large brick warehouse in the same vicinity as the Ace National Hardware and the Time Warner Building. =================== FRIDAY, MARCH 5: =================== BREMEN CAFE, Bremen & Clarke, 9PM Graham Lindsey enthusiasts, GL will be playing Bremen Cafe on Fri. March 5th, kicking off his new tour. ===================== SATURDAY, MARCH 6: ===================== SNAIL’S CROSSING MEETING, 9AM-NOON Help glaze tiles and review progress on the project. Pizza at noon. Beginning Dreams Forever, Burleigh & Bremen. BREWERY CREDIT UNION, 70TH ANNUAL MEETING, 10AM BCU Annual Business Meeting Klemmer’s Banquet Center 10401 W. Oklahoma Ave. 10AM – Registion 10:30 – Meeting Starts Lunch follows meeting. FREE for credit union members. Call 414/273-3170 x22 or email to register. The Nominating Committee has nominated incumbents Kevin Flaherty (a Riverwester), William Druck, and Larry O’Neil to the 3 available terms. Everyone who has been a member for at least 90 days may vote. Remember to bring your ID. ======================= SUNDAY, MARCH 7: ======================= The annual Blessing of the Bock. will be performed as part of The Milwaukee Beer Festival at Serb Memorial Hall, 5101 W. Oklahoma Av., Sunday, March 7 from noon till 4:30 p.m. (For more info, see press release at the bottom of this email.) ======================= SATURDAY, MARCH 13 ======================= RIVERWEST FINE ART FAIR, 10AM-6PM Bayshore Mall, sponsored by Riverwest Artists Association. THE COFFEE HOUSE, 631 N. 19th (& Wisconsin) Iberian Spanish flamenco dancers perform “La Luna Gitana”. ======================= SUNDAY, MARCH 14 ======================= RIVERWEST FINE ART FAIR, 10AM-6PM Bayshore, sponsored by Riverwest Artists Association. ======================= SATURDAY, MARCH 20 ======================= 4th ANNUAL RIVERWEST ST. PATRICK’S DAY PUB CRAWL For more info, contact Erik Peterson at 431-0031. ============================= ART BAR OPENING IN MARCH! ============================= ART BAR, Burleigh & Fratney Riverwest’s new Gallery/Lounge scene is opening in March at 722 E. Burleigh. Every Sunday is “Open-Canvas” night where a featured artist creates an original painting while your friends watch. The “One Week Painting” will be on display until the next Sunday, when another artist paints over your paiting with a new image. A photo record will be displayed at the end of the year showing all 52 works. This is a great way to get exposure and the artist receives a $50 bar tab during their “Open-Canvas” night. Reserve your Sunday to create the “One Week Painting” by calling Don Krause at Art Bar, 372-7880. (Reprinted from Riverwest Artists Association Newsletter.) — FROM: John Zutz =============== BEER TO BE BLESSED IN MILWAUKEE CONTACT: John Zutz (414) 372-0749, web page: The annual Blessing of the Bock. will be performed as part of The Milwaukee Beer Festival at Serb Memorial Hall, 5101 W. Oklahoma Av., Sunday, March 7 from noon till 4:30 p.m. Milwaukee still means beer to people all around the world,2 according to festival organizer John Zutz. 3This event is a celebration of spring as well as a unique religious experience. We gather a variety of Bock and Specialty beers, the priest blesses them, then we drink them.2 Food is included in the admission price – $20 each for groups of 6 or more in advance, $25.00 advance / $30.00 at the door. Advance tickets available through the web page, at Discount Liquor, Lakefront Brewery, and at homebrew supply stores in the Milwaukee area. Proceeds donated to The My Lai Peace Park Project – and Library of Vietnam Project. On March 16, 1968 a US Army company entered the series of villages known as My Lai and killed between 300 – 500 people, mostly women and children, many were lined up and shot in ditches. The My Lai Project (funded through Madison Friends) bankrolls a revolving loan fund to improve future economic possibilities for the citizens of My Lai, and is building a Peace Park, and school. The Library of Vietnam Project builds and stocks libraries throughout a country which has seen it9s population tripple since 1975. Other web pages for more information: The Library of Vietnam Project My Lai Peace Park projects Vietnam Veterans Against the War Vietnam Veterans of America #324 The festival is sponsored by Vietnam Veterans Against the War and Vietnam Veterans of America #324, both non-profit organizations which have worked to promote peace and benefit veterans.