It’s Community Central at Gee’s

by Tamara Key

And he scores!!! This is exactly what Gaulien Smith did when he came up with a Milwaukee Bucks theme for his barber shop, Gee’s Clippers. When asked how this theme came about, he says, “I’ve always been a Milwaukee Bucks fans…since I was a cub.” Gaulien, a.k.a. Gee, has created a Milwaukee icon that brings the larger-than-life world of basketball home to everyday people. The shop sits at the crossroads of Sherman Boulevard and Fond du Lac Avenue and is community central for a lot of Milwaukee residents. Entering the shop is like walking into the Bradley Center for game time. Although it’s much smaller, the excitement at Gee’s Clippers feels like game time. I believe one could possibly forget that they’re there for a haircut!! The floor of the shop features a huge Bucks logo and the wall decor includes a real basketball hoop. The shop has a memorabilia appeal. Old school pictures of basketball players wearing those little basketball shorts grace the walls. Autographed jerseys and sneakers are shown off in huge glass cases. Gee’s love and appreciation for the Milwaukee team is everywhere. But the center attraction is Gee’s love for community. It is the people who work there that gives Gee’s its vibrancy. Many of them are multitalented. From mechanics to actors, a haircut naturally leads to some pretty interesting conversations with the barbers. For patrons, it’s never a boring wait. You can always count on one of the barbers starting something up with their, “What if,” “How can,” “Well I think,” or “Man, guess what?” And to pass time there is always some type of competition, from beep bopping to push-ups, from the adults to the children, but always in good fun. What I like most, though, is that the shop is very family-oriented. There is no cursing allowed in the shop, which makes it a comfortable place for parents to bring their children. Gee’s Clippers also sponsors family events in the community, such as a recent event where families were able to enjoy the movie Elf for free at Fox Bay Movie Theatre. Okay, I’ve told you about the look, the barbers, how people pass the time, but guess what? Right on the other side of the building is Gee’s Hair Design where the women are flipping, twisting, and creating some great hairstyles. Last, but not least, right in the back of the building there is Ski’s Total Body Works where you can get a great massage. I’ve heard she has magical hands. Black, White, Brown… many people go to Gee’s — from Milwaukee Bucks players like Tim Thomas to the little boy with that afro-kinky who lives down the street, to the sistah that needs her kitchen lined up and her eyebrows arched. Get your do flipped up on one side, eyebrows arched on the other and a massage in the back. Old G’s sit chill waiting for their scheduled appointments. Young Men rock the bald fade, philly fro, boys learn to tie their shoes — Gee’s Clippers is a place where they are always glad you came, and you are always glad you went. Contact Information: Gee’s Clippers, 442-7588 Gee’s Hair Design, 442-7390 Ski’s Total Body Works, 431-0494