The Mighty Lumberhorn

The Mighty Lumberhorn olay with Dr. Chows Love Medicine at Mac’s Red Eye on February 7th. The Mighty Lumberhorn is a new standard in Hillbilly Music. We play originals mostly but do covers as well. Our Cd “Bood is Thicker Than Moonshine” is almost ready, but if you would like a burned copy without the artwork…just ask. the music is old-timey jug flavored bluegrss mixed with a hint of outlaw country and motorhead thrown in for good measure. 3 of the 5 members are local music vets and the other two are just ugly. The name originates from a one of a kind instrument invented by Bob Jorin aka BJ Crow, and plays like a stand up bass. our line up goes like this here: Boy Howdy: breeding in Bay View. Lead vocals and playing the Banjo, guitar, ukelele, and singing saw Bj Crow: riverwest rat, plays the actual Lumberhorn and also provides lead vocals. Buster P. Highman: another Riverwesterner providing yet more lead vocals and plays the mandolin Jeffro: from caledonia, plays the also one-of-a-kind American Tourister drum set thingy. Uncle-cuzzin Dan: Racine native providing the soothing sounds of a mouth-harp, train-whistle, wash-board, coconuts, and kazoo feel free to visit our web-site at as well as come to our shows.