LOST FILM FESTIVAL comes to Milwaukee

LOST FILM FESTIVAL comes to Milwaukee (featuring footage of Miami FTAA Police brutality) In the midsts of Teargas, police brutality, censorship, and repression in the name of “Homeland Security” there is a movement of independent mediamakers dedicated to maintaining a free and open press. Lost Film Festival celebrates freedom of expression by traveling around the world, presenting controversial work often glossed over by the corporate press. The special feature of the program will be fresh footage of the extreme police brutality from the streets of Miami. The corporate owned press failed to report the extent that Miami was turned into a police state for the meetings of the Free Trade Area of The Americas in November this year. Come witness what actually happened in the streets. Graphic footage of Police officers attacking hundreds of peaceful protestors with batons, using tasers, spraying them with chemical agents, shooting rubber bullets at young and old people at point blank range (costing some their eyes). Warning: This is extremely shocking & graphic footage. It should be seen by ALL Americans who value the right to free expression and assembly. Saturday December 6th 7:30pm @ The Green Dragon Cafe 2010 N. Farwell Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53202 Limited seating! 414-431-1959 FILM LIST: [ Some additions and subtractions may apply to the set] Terror, Iraq, Weapons | (Mike Nourse) 3 min In the most hilarious way, Mike Nourse deconstructs a broadcast speech by George W. Bush illustrating how simple word repetition is used as propaganda. Watch as the American President alerts the world to the threat of Islams’ “Nuclear Holy Warriors” and uses the word “Iraq” as 3 parts of speech in the same sentence. Think Jimmy Stewart meets Josef Goebbels. State Of The Union | (Bryan Boyce) 2 min In this clever animation, Brian Boyce combines C-SPAN footage of George W. Bush with clips from The Teletubbies while describing US foreign policy through strong metaphor. Nine News | (Andre Hyland) 8 min Graphics running across the bottom of the screen are altered (“President Bush declares all foreigners evil…”) and interview dialogue cut, edited and reshuffled- sometimes in repetitive hip hop fashion- to create an entirely fictional, but seemingly real, newscast which ultimately told a far more compelling truth than the actual broadcasts. In Nine, Cincinnati Police Academy graduates speak of their excitement in going out to “serve the public.” These interviews are interspersed with film clips of Cincinnati police officers violently beating citizens in the streets. Hyland cuts back to the newscaster who chuckles and proclaims, “we’ve certainly seen that before.” And while such liberties are obviously taken out of context, one can’t help but think of William Blake’s assertion that he, “lied to tell a larger truth.” Eye of the Storm | (Raphael Lyon) 16 min A powerful roughcut of the in-progress documentary. The film covers the rise of as the popular source of news in that country. Piefight ’69 | (Sam Green/ Christian Bruno) 8 min Unearthed footage lost since 1969 of the notorious ‘pie-fight’ incident at the San Francisco Film Festival. Two dozen costumed radicals descend on the fancy black tie & red carpet festival with one fully laden pie truck and six cameras in order to wreak havoc. GNN [ S-11 (Channel) Surfing the Apocalypse ] | (Guerrilla News Network) 12 min Culled from over 20 hours of television footage recorded over a one month period and across 13 networks, S-11 Redux is a sound-bite blitzkrieg that challenges the messages we have been fed from our mainstream media and the government it serves. Be warned – this video moves quickly and will require at least two viewings to digest its full impact. You may never be able to look at the coverage of S-11 and its post-impact coverage the same way, ever again. The Horribly Stupid Stunt Which Has Resulted In His Untimely Death | (The Yes Men) 16 min An international law conference writes to inviting WTO Director-General Michael Moore to present at their forum in Austria. Big mistake: It turns out the cyber-squatted site is run by the Yes Men, a loose-knit group of anti-capitalist culture jammers who regularly orchestrate pranks against economic and government institutions. The Manipulators | (Andrew Jeffrey Wright / Clare Rojas) 2 min Andrew Jeffrey Wright & Clare Rojas (Space 1026) use their animation superpowers to hijack a fashion magazine and manipulate the images used to manipulate us. Gigi from 9 to 5 | (Joanne Nucho) 8 min A Post Modern & Situationist inspired musical, “Gigi (from 9 to 5)” is a story about the perils of the endless cycle of work and consumption. Gigi sings and dances her way through her day, trying to keep up with the show. Features Gina Young and members of the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s & Black Dice. Lego Trilogy | (Rob Weychert) 12 min Three Lego tales told by Bredstik Comedy Troupe’s Rob Weychert: (SIEGE ON THE CORPORATE IDENTITY PLANT): Militants infiltrate a businessman factory producing homogenized workers, and leave a bomb behind. (HEAT PART 2) New Jersey is threatened with accelerated global warming. The government’s solution= Blow up the sun. (TWELVE BUCKS) A scathing examination: what are you really doing for 12 bucks an hour? Crowd Bites Wolf | (Guerrillavision) 20 min Featuring protest footage censored by the mainstream press. The World Bank and the International Monetary Fund met in Prague during late September 2000. The bureaucrats were greeted by a color-coded insurrectionist army, massed to monkeywrench the meeting using a variety of direct action tactics. Despite an unprecedented police mobilization, a united resistance on the streets prevailed. Punk Rock Archives: Social Distortion | (CTV) 20 min doc CNN can only aspire to be as sensationalistic as this piece. In 1988 a Canadian program of “investigative journalism” aired “Social Distortion”, a Reefer Madness-style expose that scrutinized the ‘threatening lifestyles’ of punk rockers. With a straight face, they claim that North American cities are being overtaken by cults of satanic punk street gangs. They attempt to prove their point by interviewing the founder of “Back in Control” (a right wing religious organization), with counterpoints from a 16-year-old suburban kid with a mohawk named “Razor”. There’s a laugh every five seconds, as the startling “journalistic” conclusions sound more like the clueless punchlines they are. Maryland 355 | (Ben Scholle) A self critical and hilarious activist produced narrative in which Anarchists searching for a meaningful approach to improving the social good, decide to adopt a highway. Featuring Eric Hammar (Frail), author Carissa Vandenberk Clark & Scott Beibin (lost film fest) Anarchy in LA | (Jino Choi) A primer on the most misunderstood philosophy of modern history, this piece dispels the common myths and misconceptions about anarchism while pointing out its’ relevance and influence in the current protest movement. Cameo appearance by the infamous Spock Bloc. Anarchy Carpet | (Siketrike) A carpet roams the streets of Baltimore convincing the kids that a life of egalitarian cooperation would be more fun than living under consumer capitalism.