MMP – 6th St. Roundabout 11/8

Hello fellow Milwaukeeans! Making Milwaukee Places (MMP) asks that you please personally, verbally invite at least two people and have them personally invite at least two people, and have those people personally invite at least two people, and then have those people personally invite at least two people…to be a part of creating a unique space at the 6th Street Roundabout! Saturday, November 8 Making Milwaukee Places: Milwaukee’s Talking About the Sixth Street Roundabout 10AM – Noon Cafe El Sol (lower level) conference rooms United Community Center 1028 S 9th Street As you may know, MMP is now in full swing for a public process on the future development of the 6th Street Roundabout, convening public input sessions to give consensus and direction to how this public place will be shaped, designed, articulated. Though we were rained out on Gallery Night for our outdoor-mega-slideshow (boo hoo), we had good turn out for the following slideshows in Round One of the public input sessions. Now we are gearing up for the Second Round of public input called Milwaukee’s Talking, where residents and other interested Milwaukeeans participate in a facilitated conversation about their stories and feelings surrounding this place. Milwaukee’s Talking is probably the most important of the public input sessions. We’re asking that you help turn out local people for this meeting by making a personal, verbal invite of at least two others, and asking them to do the same. These word-of-mouth invitations are more effective than any advertising, and we appreciate you joining us in inviting people to come. Thank you for helping make MMP a success! Sincerely, Ken Jenkins Project Coordinator Making Milwaukee Places 809 North Broadway Post Office Box 324 Milwaukee, WI 53201 (414) 286-5802