Slide Projections is a side project of Drawing Resistance – a traveling political art show. Realizing that the tour of the exhibition of 31 artworks will eventually come to an end (2001-2005) and that it can not feasibly travel to other continents due to costs, slide projections is a way to continue to showcase political art to any community that is interested in setting up an exhibition through the drawing resistance network. The idea is simple. Artists from around the world mail 5 slides to drawing resistance where a large catalog of slides is compiled of images that address political and social themes. A person or organization can then contact drawing resistance and request that a collection of 80 slides be mailed to them for a public screening. Slides can be mailed to any city in the world and would then be mailed back to drawing resistance after the event. Slide shows could accompany any type of event both outdoors and indoors and be projected at large demonstrations, film shows, class rooms, music shows, public art events, etc. Artists submissions: All artist are welcome to submit 5 slides to drawing resistance to be considered to be part of the slide projection exhibition. Please consider that the exhibition focuses on art with political and social themes. Choice of medium is open and includes prints, drawings, posters, graphics, paintings, collage, sculpture, street art, and performance. Submissions will be juried by Nicolas Lampert and Sue Simensky Bietila (organizers of drawing resistance). Artists included in the exhibition will be listed on the drawing resistance web page in the “slide projections” section and each artist will retain full copyright/ownership of their work. The submission process is on-going and does not have a set deadline. Artists from any part of the world are invited to mail the following: -5 color slides. (Slides should be of high quality. 1 slide per image. If taking slides of your work is not an option, please mail instead 5 8″x11″ color photographs or high quality color copies. Images submitted by email will not be considered.) It is recommended that the 5 slides share a common bond in either style or theme. -information sheet with your name, address, email, and description of each work submitted (title, medium, size, year). A brief biography is also recommended. -a self addressed return envelope. All applicants will be contacted by email. Slides will be returned to those not selected for Drawing Resistance – slide projections only if a self addressed envelop is provided. Mail submissions to: Nicolas Lampert(slide projections) P.O. Box 1090 Milwaukee, WI. 53201-1090 USA Order slides for a public screening To order slides for a public screening in any part of the world, please first contact Nicolas Lampert by email to have information about drawing resistance-slide projections sent to you by email. Please note that slides can not be purchased for permanent use or to be duplicated without written permission of the individual artists. All slides are to be mailed back to drawing resistance after the screening. To cover postage, production costs of the slides, and replacement costs a fee (check or money order) is required before slides are mailed out. The fee is $40 for individuals and community groups. For colleges and Universities the fee is $80. Each order will include 80 slides, information on each slide, information on promoting the event, and a return envelope.Local hosts will need to provide the slide projector, screen, etc. Upcoming screenings of drawing resistance-slide projections (slides will not be available until March, 2004. Please contact by email at anytime if you are interested in setting up a future screening.) contact: Artists involved in drawing resistance-slide projections: (to be announced in March, 2004) For more info visit the Drawing Resistance website: