Addicted 2 Battle! Hip Hop Preservation Society

Announcing… Addicted 2 Battle! (MILWAUKEE, Wisconsin – Sept 27, 2003) Addicted 2 Battle was created to promote local hip hop artists in the Milwaukee, Madison, Chicago area. When you think of hip hop, you probably think about MTV/BET videos featuring flashy rappers with scantily clad females dancing in the background. That is the misconception of what hip hop is and what it has become. Although in some forms that whole glamour is a part of hip hop, there is another side of it that people usually don’t get exposed to. At the Rave on Saturday, September 27, there will be hundreds of our youth gathering together, with a positive hip hop vibe. We are holding a 2 on 2 breakdancing and a 2 on 2 dj battle, where artists from will compete with each other, showing off their skills and techniques on the turntables and on the floor. The Hip Hop Preservation Society (HHPS) and Skills Over Skills are two organizations that believe in helping to educate the community directed towards the youth in the city. It is a peaceful event where the city kids can attend. Milwaukee is one of the top in the nation for the most segregated city, therefore one of our most important goals of the event will help promote cultural diversity. The deejays hosting the night are DMT and DJ Supreme. They are two of the oldest djs in Milwaukee who have contributed to the hip hop community. We also have the Motion Disorderz breakdance crew from Milwaukee who are joining the battle. They travel to nationwide competitions making a name for their crew and for Milwaukee. Every year they go to Scribble Jam (Cincinnati, OH), a bonafide and accredited hip hop gathering, and compete in the battle there taking first for the past three years. Another group is the Record Breakers DJ crew. DJ NuStylez and Aztek have gained the respect of a lot of people in the community. NuStylez received a grant from the city of Milwaukee teaching the kids how to deejay. He is doing something positive with his skills and giving back to the community. In opposition to them are members of the Fader Grimmlins DJ crew from Milwaukee also. Their names are DJ Swan, Jon Swan and Kid Cut Up. Swan has traveled to many nationwide events also. One of those events includes “Breaklanta” (Atlanta, GA) where he took second to Mr. Lord, who is Public Enemy’s current DJ. Swan has also made the DMC top ten for the past two years. The Motion Disorderz, Record Breakers, and the Fader Grimmlins are some of Milwaukee’s best kept secret. The Latino Community Center, Red Bull, and local record/skateboard/hip hop stores are sponsoring this event. Please believe in us as they do and help us bring exposure to this event in Milwaukee, with a cover on the event before/after the event for the local newspapers or television news coverage the night of the battle. Whatever it is that helps the community understand the positive side of hip hop and something that the youth are accomplishing, please help us get that exposure.