RNA Minutes

Speeding school buses, alley clean-ups, mail tampering, off-leash dogs, and questions about Center Street’s lack of trees were all on the agenda at the June Riverwest Neighborhood Association meeting. The unusually short meeting was attended by just eight residents and Supervisor Willie Johnson. Since the RNA is without an official chair, Vince Bushell served as chair for the meeting. Residents who were present raised various concerns, and others shared ideas and numbers to call to take care of problems. Concerns about off-leash dogs and cars parked on the grass at Gordon and Kern Parks were addressed by Sup. Johnson, who advised talking to the Parks’ Department’s Larry Kenny and the Sheriff’s department about concerns. A question was also raised about the public art sculpture that had been scheduled to be installed in Gordon Park by this time. Bushell noted that the artist had some problems getting the marble he needed from Italy. One person asked why trees hadn’t been planted on Center Street, which was part of the city’s original plan for the repaving of that street. YMCA CDC community organizer Jim Wilson promised to call the city and follow up on that question. (He reported a few days later that the city is planning to plant in the fall). In other development-related news, it was reported that the Holton Street INRS grant has not yet been released by the city. The money is being held until the city decides whether it wants to commit to the “Mainstreets” model for the Holton Street area or if it wants to initiate another improvement plan. Pierce Street neighbors noted that they are engaged in alley cleanups and have launched a campaign to slow traffic. They have put up signs that say “SLOW DOWN” provided by UWM and police community liason officer Bruce Scott, who can be reached at 935-7258. Wilson reported on the Riverwest Investment Co-op’s progress, saying they had held elections and were looking at a couple properties in the neighborhood for possible purchase. Attendance at RIC’s meetings has been steady, but they can always use more participants. It was mentioned that traveling salespeople have been spotted in the neighborhood and people should watch out for scam artists. The meeting was adjourned about an hour and a quarter after it began, and items for next meeting’s agenda should be sent to . One item that will be up for discussion is the RNA bylaws and moving ahead with filing for non-profit status. The Riverwest Neighborhood Association (RNA) meets the second Tuesday each month at 7 p.m. at the YMCA CDC office at 604 E. Center St. All neighborhood residents are welcome to come and participate. Riverwest Currents – Volume 2 – Issue 7 – July 2003
by Sonya Jongsma Knauss