July 2003

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Poetess Mara Joe will be the “Homegrown” feature at Mecca (38th & Hampton) on July 6…a riveting night of spoken word. Coming in August YNOT II in review along with an exclusive in-depth interview of Writer Kwabena Antoine Nixon! They Got Product!! When u c these two…show some love and purchase their art! Aric Jamone Woods, “A Dose of Reality” and from Priest Delon Butler “Life Experiences, Thoughts, And Revelations: A Book of Poetry”

No longer at Onopa, Selecter Eric Blowtorch & his Mighty Django Hi-Fi can be experienced every Sunday in July at Sol Fire….2014 North Farwell Ave. No cover! ALL AGES! 9 p.m. til 1 a.m!

Outdoor music in Riverwest! Check out the Gordon Park Grooves every other Wednesday, outside behind the pavilion at Gordon Park. July dates are: July 9, Eclectic Vibe 7 July 23, Salt Creek. Painting by Daryl Harris“Untitled,” an acrylic painting featured at Greer Oaks Gallery, 2463 N. Palmer St., 264-2049. Artist Daryl Harris is a member of ABEA. He has created a stir with his “Train” series, a 40-painting study of national and global race relations focusing on African descendants and whites, though the above painting is not part of that series. For more info, contact Harris at 507-4611 or .

Trav O… a Dynamic 1/3 of the underground Hip Hop Crew, Taste Emcees…has dropped his solo release “Originality”! Now available @ DiscMan, Exclusive Co on the East Side, Audio Vibe & Flipside.

Also in August…HOTT interview with Milwaukee’s Own National Recording Artist, REN…

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