FROM: Trent Hanson ================== Guitar & Sex Festival Many local music lovers as well as musicians are disappointed with the selections offered at Summerfest. Guitar & Sex Festival is an exciting, one-day event to celebrate talented local musicians that are ignored by Summerfests organizers. Guitar & Sex Festival brings you a variety of age groups and musical genres at a low-cost in a laid back setting. We aim to bring the old “sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll” back for one wild night. The line-up for the show is the following groups: Murder in the Red Barn Musiwaki Guzemozen XKS The Milwaukee Accordion Club The Fly The show is on Saturday, July 5th and begins promptly at 10pm at Quarters, 900 E. Center St. and costs $3 For more information please call: Trent Hanson: 414-372-9775 email: