Riverwest Investment Co-op Election Process

FROM: Quinn Wilder, RW Investment Club ====================================== Hello current and interested RIC members, Exciting things are happening with RIC! Early this month at the CDC office about a dozen members and interested folks helped to set the election process that will establish the first elected board of RIC. Up to May 22, any member may nominate themselves and/or another member for any officer position. In order to establish a staggered system, initial terms vary for each seat. Following this election, each term will be 3 years. There is a President (2 years), VP (1 year), Treasurer (3 years), and Secretary (1 year). There is also three at-large positions (1,2,and 3 years respectively), each of which must be dedicated to working on a committee. Currently we have a finance, marketing/pr, and property committee. Nominations must be received before May 22 via email or mail (2462 Bremen), and a ballot will be held at the May 22 meeting to vote on the nominatees. Several very important issues were raised and discussed at the meeting, and the current board announced that it has a list of properties it is considering. A small flurry of checks were written by new members, and a good deal more are expected by the end of the month. For those who would like to become members but cannot afford it, we have directed people to the Brewery Credit Union to either get a personal loan (you can become a member there by starting an account for free and depositing a minimum of $5) or to simply start a savings account and save up until you’re ready to join. In addition, the newly elected board will quickly consider possible avenues for becoming an investor at different levels. Don’t forget to become a member soon so you can nominate members and vote for the new board! And email me here if you would like to discuss any questions, ideas, or concerns. Your Interim President, Quinn Wilder