RNA’s Position Paper on Freeway Expansion

(As approved by the Association on January 14, 2003) The Riverwest Neighborhood Association (RNA) does not approve of the current plans to rebuild and expand southeastern Wisconsin freeways at a cost of $6.25 billion. The Riverwest neighborhood is located in the city of Milwaukee and is east of Interstate 43 and north of downtown. The current plan is not acceptable to our organization for the following reasons:

• Does NOT have a funding plan. • Will fuel suburban sprawl. • Is NOT part of a comprehensive transportation plan that will:

i. Boost the mobility of those who do not own or are unable to drive automobiles. ii. Create an alternative metro-wide transit system that will efficiently move people to their destinations especially when the freeway system is ineffective during bad weather, accidents and major entertainment events.

• Will decrease the tax base and degrade the neighborhoods next to expanded freeways.

We can only support a plan that contains the following elements:

• A rebuilding of the system when necessary at current capacity levels and including carefully targeted safety improvements and good urban design. • A detailed, progressive funding source. • A comprehensive analysis which considers:

i. Land-use decisions. ii. The needs of citizens and visitors without automobiles. iii. An alternative commuter system beyond buses on concrete.

Read more about RNA and its activities on the RNA website. Riverwest Currents – Volume 2 – Issue 2 – February 2003