Yes, You Can Fight City Hall

According to an email from a resident, the morning of Monday, Aug. 19, the police department wrote out parking violations for prohibited night parking to vehicles parked on the west side of the 2000-2200 blocks of Booth St. The resident called District Five to alert them these tickets were written in error. Parking on both sides is allowable except from Dec. 1 through March 1, according to the City Clerk and Department of Public Works offices. The resident asked that all tickets be discharged for this particular violation on Aug. 19. The 5th district wanted those individuals who received tickets to bring them in to have them discharged. However, Dorinda Floyd of City of Milwaukee Department of Public Works (DPW) informed the resident that DPW had already completed a batch void of the tickets. Dorinda also noted the 2000-2200 blocks were not the only blocks that had received tickets erroneously. She suggested that residents call DPW if they receive a late notice, since there may have been some tickets that slipped through the system. If you have any questions on status of a ticket, you can call the Violations Bureau’s 24 hour Inter-Active Voice Response (IVR) at 344-0840. There will be a menu you can go through to learn status of tickets and balances owed, or to pay tickets (Thanks to Becky Rabatin for this delightful tale of neighbors helping neighbors, and for the wealth of information.)