New Gas Station Planned for Holton and Burleigh

by Janice Christensen

In a major rebuilding project, the owners of the gas station at the corner of Holton and Burleigh St. have announced plans to replace the old building. Gas station on Holton and BurleighProposed plans have been submitted to the Board of Zoning Appeals (BOZA) by Riaz Mian and Mian Oil Company. The plans propose the destruction of the two-family structure immediately to the west of the gas station, as well as the old station building itself. The new building will have inside service, and three pumps are planned under a canopy along Holton Street. The plans also show extensive landscaping as part of the proposal. Comments are coming in from neighborhood residents and other interested parties. One expressed the hope that the building would be of brick, not block. Although the plans show the building set back from the corner, the suggestion has been made that the building itself be on the corner of Holton and Burleigh with an access to the store from the corner and large windows, so people could see in and out, with the idea that this would help define the corner and give the message that there is a major investment on the street. If this plan were followed, the pumps could run in an “L” shape around the building, and canopies could shield any glare on adjoining properties, and a masonry wall topped with wrought iron along both lot lines could provide security. Plans are currently on file at BOZA, and a hearing on the project may be scheduled for Sept. 26. The immediate neighbors (within 200 ft.) of the proposed new building will be notified of the public hearing about the building. If you are interested in learning when this meeting is scheduled, the information will be available by emailing , or by calling the Board of Zoning Appeals at 286-2501. A Neighborhood Meeting is scheduled with the owners of the gas station to discuss the plans for the new building. It will be held on Sept. 12 at 6 p.m. at Martin Luther King Library, 310 W. Locust St.

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PUBLIC HEARING Concerning the HOLTON GAS STATION at 3105 N. HOLTON ST. BOARD OF ZONING APPEALS 6PM, Thursday, September 26 City Hall, Room 301B 200 E. Wells St.

At the RNA meeting last Tuesday, the following photos of Mr. Mian’s gas station and office headquarters at 46th & Forest Home were distributed and discussed.

Building features include varigated brick, large glass windows, double doors, sloped canopies with brick pillars, and a low-level sign with very nice landscaping. These photos demonstrated to the group that Mr. Mian is capable of a better design than the one he is currently proposing for Holton St. The following photo is of a station at 20th and Forest Home which is similar to Mr. Mian’s current plans for the Holton station:

Of those who were in attendance at the meeting, there was agreement that: 1. Everyone is pleased that a new building is in the works. 2. A preference that better materials, such as brick, be used on the exterior of the building, especially in light of recent & upcoming major investments ($2 Million at Gordon Park, $3 Million at Lena’s Grocery, the Center St. repaving project, Kilbourn/Reservoir Park, and Commerce St.). 3. A preference for a walk-around convenience store like the gas stations at Holton & Keefe, 3rd & Locust, and Humboldt & North have, rather than a restricted glassed-in lobby area. Neighbors are strongly encouraged to attend the BOZA hearing. Please feel free to pass this on to your neighbors and friends.

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Riverwest Currents – Volume 1 – Issue 8 – September 2002
by Janice Christensen