Archive | July, 2002

Finally, It’s Easy to ‘Wash My Dog’

by Stacy Conroy There’s a much-needed new dog-grooming place on the East Side, and it’s special because it takes a fresh approach to the pet hygiene industry. Wash My Dog, at 2232 North Oakland Avenue, is in the Wash Tub Laundromat building in an attractively designed, open area. You can go in and wash your […]

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Soul Steppers Dance to the Beat of an African Drum

As the lights come up in the COA gym, six girls and a boy sway and twist their bodies to the beat of a distant drum while a graceful figure before them calls out dance movements. The children systematically sway from side to side, touch the ground and reach for the sky. They then step […]

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Stop the Harassment!

It never fails. I’m walking to the park or the beauty supply store or the co-op or my friend’s house and vehicles are slowing down…guys are calling at me from porches… “Hey, wanna ride…can I get your number…ya man treating you right?” Now, I’m not the finest sista that ever lived in Riverwest, but it […]

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