Pet Peeve: Folks who won’t SCOOP THEIR DOG’S POOP!

by Tanya Cromartie-Twaddle There’s no other way to put this. Pet waste is unsightly and it stinks! Riverwest is full of it! I’ve never seen so much crap left in public walking places in my life. My child care kids are always dodging it on our walks. I’ve had the unfortunate experience of stepping in a pile with my favorite sandals on. I cringe as I pass it and hold my breath. I have had to clean the wheels of strollers many times because someone thinks it’s cool to leave their dog’s feces in the middle of the sidewalk. I have cut many a walk short due to my anxiety over this crap! Lately, someone’s dog has been using my enchanted rock garden as a toilet. You know who you are! Please be a good neighbor and clean up responsibly. I know there must be a law against this! Just like human waste, your pet waste may contain harmful bacteria and viruses. It’s a health risk to pets, water systems, and people. I’d like to see more dog owners out with bio-degradable bags and pooper scoopers. I would like to let my little ones roam and play in the grassy areas without feeling so panicky about them getting a hand full of feces. Think about it. Kids explore our world through taste and touch. Not a pretty picture, is it! YUCK! I appreciate our canine friends. I love nature, but when it calls, SCOOP IT UP!
by Tanya Cromartie-Twaddle