Greenfolks Garden to hold Spring Kick-Off Party May 11

by Jen Lyons On May 11, Greenfolks Garden, on Booth and Wright St. will be having a Spring kick-off party to celebrate the beginning of its second growing season. From 10 a.m. until 4 p.m., neighbors will be gathering in the garden to welcome spring and to get the garden in shape for the Summer. Although the garden is now well-established and has been maintained through the winter, there are many improvements to be made. The goals for the day include redefining the planting beds, distributing compost and soil, grooming the woodchip paths, and general cleaning. There will also be seeds and seedlings available for children to plant. In the Greenfolks tradition there will be a number of children’s activities in addition to the gardening work. Artists Working In Education (A.W.E.) will provide art projects while a youth African dance group and youth choir provide entertainment. Finally, there will be a barbeque picnic lunch to keep everyone fueled and going strong. With everyone’s hard work, the garden will be ready to host plenty of Summer activities. A number of daycares will be visiting the garden on a weekly basis, and A.W.E. has planned several return visits throughout the Summer to offer garden art projects to neighborhood children. Greenfolks Garden enjoyed a successful first Summer last year, and this Spring’s kick-off party should prove to be the grand beginning of another grand Summer. If anyone would like to participate in the garden in any way, please call Jen Lyons at 265-4654.
by Jen Lyons