Some Views from Here

How I Spend My Time By Monica Ledbetter (14) Time with friends after school is spent talking on the phone, listening to music, and most of all, doing my homework. Phone conversations are about boys and girls; who is going out with who and who was talking about who. There is a time out for dinner which lasts about thirty minutes. Wow, it is time for homework again! Usually the phone rings and it is happy hour. Once homework is done, it is time for TV for about an hour. Homework is all done, then it is time for chatting on the computer with friends, usually friends you hang out with. All my friends hang out at the Bayshore Mall, Grand Avenue, or Mayfair. A lot of roaches (boys) are met there. My friends and I meet there about 3 p.m. Usually this takes place on the weekend, mostly Saturdays for about three or four hours. Summer months are spent hanging out at the park, playing ball, riding bikes, hanging by the river throwing rocks in the water, most of all meeting boys. Also time is spent roaming around on the East Side. During the summer months, there should be jobs for children in the area, park actvities for the children to get involved in, neigh-borhood parties with chaperones. Get the parents involved with sponsoring the activities. Life From the Perspective of a 17 Year Old By Darnal Oglesby My life throughout the year is very calm and adequate. During my free time there is not that much to do. During the school year, I go to school and participate in after school activities. I also enjoy tutoring and being a student teacher. In my days free from school, I help out at Beautiful Savior Lutheran School in helping students as well as assisting the coaches. During the summer, things can be real bland because there’s nothing to do. But I can always find something to do. I either baby-sit, practice playing basketball at the Pumping Station (Humboldt and Chambers), swim at Riverside High School, go to movies at Mayfair, shop at the Grand, or I sit at home and just play video games. Written by a student, and a former student at Beautiful Savior Lutheran School, located on Holton and Chambers.