by Erik Peterson Many years ago, there was a financial institution in River-west. Founded in 1922, its original board of directors consisted of a group of local merchants, including the Vetters and the owners of the building we know today as Onopa Brewing Co. As it grew, the archi-tectural firm A. Moorman & Co. was hired to design a new and larger building. The new 3-story corner building was erected in 1927, and stood out as a pivotal point of the commercial districts on both intersecting streets. In 1961, the institution was acquired by Marine Bank, and operations were moved to East Capitol Drive. Today, the building remains an excellent example of Neo Classical commercial architecture. Its new owners have installed architectural floodlighting, calling attention to the building’s details at night. Almost all of the original architectural features are still intact, including the terra cotta work. The original signs and awnings may be the only things missing, with bolt holes still visible to show where they used to be. On the southeast corner, at the intersection, holes running up near the roofline used to contain bolts securing a vertical multi-colored neon sign. Mounted at an angle of 45 degrees to the building, it read “Holton Street State Bank” and was visible from both intersecting streets. If you’d like to see this building in person, it’s located at the intersection of Center & Holton Streets.
by Erik Peterson