Milwaukee Study Shows Window Sills Common Culprit for Lead Contamination

by Vince Bushell

The idea that windows are the main source of lead contamination for children in Milwaukee is based upon a recent study. Mary Smith of the Milwaukee Health Department participated in this investigation. “An evaluation study of 240 properties was done in the city,” she said. “Ten surfaces in each room were evaluated with an analysis machine and nine dust wipes were taken in each unit.” The results showed that the lead dust was most often found around the windows. Windows are more often painted and the type of paint used tended to have a higher lead content. Smith recommended that children have a blood test for lead poisoning “three before three,” or three times between the dates the child begins to stand up and reach the windows and the age of three years. Unless you have had your windows replaced or stripped and repainted, the windows in your home in Riverwest or the surrounding neighborhoods have lead paint on them. Be aware.

Online Resources Concerning Lead Paint:

Riverwest Currents – Volume 1 – Issue 3 – April 2002