House rehabbed under NIPby Vince Bushell

The Neighborhood Improvement Project (NIP) is a program directed towards low-income homeowners who are in need of housing repairs. This is a grant program under which applicants are screened and contractors are hired to repair code violations on neighborhood properties. Successful applicants will have their homes inspected by a Department of Neighborhood Services (DNS) inspector, who will then generate a scope of work to correct code violations. The contractors are hired and work under the supervision of the YMCA CDC NIP Manager, Rick Slayton. The cost of the repairs is forgiven two years after completion. The homeowner must occupy the residence before and continue to reside in the home for two years after work completion to receive the grant. The YMCA CDC will coordinate the repair of approximately 14 homes this year in Riverwest and in the WAICO (YMCA North Central) neighborhoods. A sufficient number of applicants have already applied for this service for this year. The number of properties that are repaired is limited by funding allocation of Community Block Grant dollars. Rick SlaytonIf you would like more information please call Vince Bushell at 263-1380 extension 13. He may be able to refer you to other programs that provide help with home repairs. Photo: Rick Slayton joins the staff of the YMCA CDC working out of the Riverwest office at 604 E. Center St. as the new Neighborhood Improvement Project (NIP) Manager. Riverwest Currents – Volume 1 – Issue 2 – March 2002