Archive | March, 2002

Burke Candy Store a Real Treat

You don’t need a golden ticket from a Willy Wonka candy bar to gain entry to Riverwest’s very own chocolate factory. Tucked between a metalworking shop and Door County Potato Chips is Burke Candy & Ingredients, Inc., a retail candy store and candy ingredient manufacturer.

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Penny Podell Faces Recall

County Supervisor Penny Podell, who represents Riverwest and the East Side in county government, has been campaigning to convince constituents that they should continue to support her, despite her voting for the pay increase that resulted in County Executive Tom Ament stepping down.

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Gas Station Blues Make Residents See Red

By Tarvus Hawthorne and Janice Christensen Neighbors in the Riverwest and Harambee neighborhoods are concerned about the safety and appearances of several gas stations on Holton Street and on North Avenue. Of particular concern are the stations on Holton and Keefe, Holton and Burleigh, Holton and North and 4th and North. “They don’t keep the […]

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