A Teen Speaks Out About Reservoir Hill

Tanya Cromartie-Twaddle Ask Sunny Benson what he thinks should be done to the Kilbourn Reservoir hill and he can sum it up for you in one word: Recreation! Sunny, a Riverwest native, believes his peers in the neighborhood want a safe place to be when they are not in a community center or at school. The articulate ninth grader feels he is directly affected by the reservoir controversy. “I leave the center (COA) every day and I think of going up on the hill. I could see a basketball court and park created up there. There could be a fitness facility so that I would have a place on this end of the neighborhood to practice my martial arts. We should at least be able to go up there. It needs to be cleaned up and welcoming.” Sunny admitted not using the park across the street from the Reservoir. “If the hill was opened and attractive to people, the park would be more inviting,” he said. When asked if he would be concerned about vandalism of a recreational facility on the hill Sunny had plenty to say. “If it was a place that really interested teens and there was always something positive going on… I think criminals would stay away.” Sunny was unclear on his feelings regarding the possible removal of the hill. However, he did suggest grading it to make it an easier climb and was curious about what the view of downtown would be from the top. It was evident during the interview that Sunny appreciated being consulted and enjoyed speaking out on a neighborhood issue. This teen knows how important it is to empower our youth to make a difference in our community. “Teens do care. Just take the time to ask.” Riverwest Currents – Volume 1 – Issue 1 – February 2002