P.M.- Post McGee Council Leadership in the 6th District

by Vince Bushell

It is time to put the perils of McGee Jr. behind us.

He has his supporters and detractors, for sure. He certainly bears responsibility for the mess he’s in.

The courts will decide his future, and if past history of recent council investigations are any predictor, his future on the Common Council will be short.

It is not doing the 6th District much good to be represented in this way. The cult of personality that McGee Jr. has built may serve him well, but at this point it does not serve the district that he represents.

You may disagree, but if you live in the district you had best start thinking of the future.

I supported McGee when he ran for Alderman. I thought he had the best interests of those least represented in his district at heart.

Now I feel he is more interested in his own fortunes than in his constituents’ needs.

McGee was elected by a landslide in the recall election. And he may run again in the regular election coming up next year. He may even win.

But that does not mean he will serve out another term.

Riverwest Currents online edition – July, 2007