No Time? Try Anytime

by Yolanda White

Notorious are the reasons for people’s inactivity. One of the biggest – no time – haunt would-be-fit-bodies like hanks. It is true that the hours for most gyms aren’t exactly convenient for those who work full time jobs, have children, commitments and “lives.” But busybodies beware: Anytime Fitness, 2170 North Farwell Avenue, has the answer.

24 hours a day, 7 days a week the gym is open to its members. “There is not just one item that makes Anytime Fitness unique,” asserts John Mathie, the owner of Milwaukee’s first franchise location. “It may simply be the perfect blend of many factors that allows an Anytime Fitness health club to be unique and successful.”

East side neighbor Casey Rosier agrees. He used to be a member of another gym, but then moved out of town and back. He went looking for another spot, closer to home.

“Oh my God, this is it!” he now says. “Digital TVs – with private stereo headphone plug-ins – on all the cardio machines, the cleanliness, equipment and a wonderful location. I am happier at Anytime Fitness.”

The state of the art equipment – both strength and cardio – bring people who are just looking to work out, minus all the glitz and gyrating some popular fitness spots are known for. Anytime Fitness goes back to the basics, but with an updated technological spin (that helps shift the focus from the arduous workout to your favorite TV show), including round-the-clock safety surveillance, and personal safety devices for late night visitors.

This forces people to get a little more creative with excuses. “The gym is not open,” is now a lie.

Anytime Fitness
2170 North Farwell Ave
Milwaukee, WI 53202
Telephone: 414-319-1111

Riverwest Currents online edition -June, 2007