Health Matters: Eyes on the Guys

by Emily DeLeo

Men seem to have a bad reputation for never visiting the doctor, even when they should. Many studies have been done to find answers to differences in health promoting behaviors between men and women. Whether you are a man who visits your doctor regularly, or never, there are some important screening tests you should know about.

• Blood pressure should be checked every two years or more, starting in your 20s.

• Blood cholesterol should be checked every five years or more, starting in your 20s.

• Colorectal cancer test at the age of 50, frequency determined by your doctor.

• Prostate cancer screening at the age of 50, per physician recommendation.

These are recommendations for men of average risk. Some men are at higher risk for certain diseases based on their family history, race/ethnicity and other factors. Please check with your healthcare provider if you feel you need any of these screenings.

If you do not have a healthcare provider or are uninsured, please contact Emily DeLeo, Community Health Liaison, at the number below for help finding free or reduced cost options for healthcare.

Emily DeLeo is the Community Health Liaison for the Riverwest Health Initiative. She can be reached at 263-8383 x139.

Riverwest Currents online edition – September, 2006