EDITORIAL- Thank You Interns & Volunteers

by Vince Bushell

This issue’s lead story is on a summer youth employment program in our neighborhood. We all learn from the experience of having students and young adults working with us. Some are paid and many, young and old, volunteer their time and skills. The photos below show some volunteers planting trees this spring, and workers hired under an intern program sponsored and run by United Water, the company that runs the MMSD plant on Jones Island.

I have had the opportunity to work with many workers and volunteers this summer and in past summers to remove invasive plant species from our river valley. My work is supported by the River Revitalization Foundation.

These crews plant native understory and prairie wild flowers and native trees and shrubs. We are not just killing the invasives, but restoring the landscape to a more native condition.

Students have volunteered from UWM, Marquette University, Cardinal Stritch University and other schools. Residents have volunteered from all our neighborhoods. Workers have been hired by United Water and the Mayor’s Summer Youth Employment program.

I would like to offer a special thanks to the crews I am working with this summer and to those who worked last summer to restore our river valley. It is hard work and often hot and uncomfortable in the fields and woods in the summer.

The reward is seeing a change in the environment. More diversity of plant life is evident and certainly that will be met with more diversity in animal life within our city.

Thanks again. Onward to better neighborhoods and the creation of Milwaukee’s Central Park in our river valley.

Riverwest Currents online edition – August, 2007