Brady Street Beat

by Tim Lambrecht

For those of you picking up the Currents early this month, just a reminder that on Saturday, July 28, The Brady Street Festival featuring “Cheesefest” will be held from 10am- 10pm. You can sample or buy from local and regional cheesemakers and organic farmers. There will also be Milwaukee’s only outdoor fashion show, which features modern and retro fashions from local boutiques. Good local food and musical entertainment will be featured throughout the day as well…

There is a new resident on Brady Street. No, not a new business or restaurant. A large blue bird has taken up residence on the balcony of Brady Street Pharmacy. The piece of artwork has a bit of history. “Bluebird” originally sat on the chimney of Al and Virginia Emmons’ house in Greenfield. After the bird had been in place for about a year, a neighbor complained to the Greenfield City Hall that it did not belong. After a long battle and some national news coverage, Al decided to take Bluebird down, and used her as a lawn ornament. But now Bluebird is back in a high roost where she can look down at the people on Brady Street and friends of the Pharmacy and the Theatre. Jim Searles of the Brady Street Pharmacy and Astor Theater says people have been stopping in or calling him to ask about Bluebird…

The Bike-In movie for August is Quicksilver. The 1986 movie starring Kevin Bacon features stories of big-city bicycle messengers. It will be showing at dusk on Friday August 10 at the Marsupial Bridge media center located by Trocadero. The movie is free and anyone is welcome to come. Sponsored by Milwaukee Bike Federation…

Imagine going to a sidewalk sale and being entertained by fire-eaters, jugglers, singers, and magicians! That’s what’ll be happening during “Brady Street Days” Featuring “Buskerfest” on Saturday, October 6. It’s a sidewalk sale…it’s a sideshow…it’s Buskerfest! Area merchants showcase their goods with “sidewalk sale” offerings while street performers (called Buskers), entertain up and down Brady Street. Food, drink, entertainment!

Riverwest Currents is setting up an “information shop” next door to the Pharmacy for Brady Street Festival on July 28. The conspirators are Tea, Jim, Vincent and Jan. The windows are open again. There are tables set up. There will be live music, photos from old issues, comics and more.

Yes, there is more to the racy white wine world than Sauvignon Blanc! Waterford Wine Company will host a wine-tasting on Wednesday, August 1, 7 pm, $25 per guest. Tense, high strung, linear whites – nervy whites that race across the palate – often forgotten in the repertoire of wines but perfect for the summer. For more info, call Ben at Waterford Wine Company, 414-289- WINE (9463).

May the Brady Street Bluebird of happiness leave a dropping of good luck on you in August.

If you have a story idea or item for Brady Street Beat, contact Tim at 374- 7772.

Riverwest Currents online edition – August, 2007