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Opinion – Can We All Get Along?

by Ellen C. Warren  Rodney King died a couple weeks ago. At 47 years of age. Anyone over 12 probably remembers Mr. King. Beaten to a pulp by L.A. policemen, whose acquittal from charges sparked riots in Los Angeles. Rodney King, whose simple question, “Can we all get along?” lives on, still unsatisfactorily answered. Would […]

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Water Works Vs. MMSD & History Of Milwaukee Water

Milwaukee’s Water Works are now run as a public institution. The Metro Milwaukee Sewerage District (MMSD) facilities are run by a private corporation (Veolia) and overseen by the MMSD commissioners. MMSD is run by a Commission made up of eleven members. Seven are appointed by the mayor of the City of Milwaukee (subject to Common […]

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Riverwesters Reflect:

Where Were You When the aradigm Shifted – Part II … on the morning of inauguration, thousands of folks stood patiently, obediently, and quietly in line waiting for our gates to open, clutching our precious purple tickets. Every once in a while someone would start a chant of “O-BA-MA!” or “Fire it up, ready to […]

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