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RAM “Riverwest Anti-Nigger Movement”

by Tanya Cromartie-Twaddle / photo by Tess Reiss

Even the ugliest things in this world serve a purpose. RAM’s pathetic attempt to incite unrest, fear, and racial division served a higher good. The race war didn’t happen. There are too many good souls in Riverwest. We know better. This ugly episode has brought many diverse members of our community closer together. Several of us are having the much-needed sensitive conversations, taking action, and committing ourselves to improving the quality of life in our neighborhood for ALL.

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Skateboarding a Positive Outlet for Riverwest Kids

by Eryn Moris / photographs by Peter DiAntoni

Mel Fleming decided to create an organization for kids in Riverwest to help them get involved in skateboarding regardless of their financial limitations. One of her primary motivations for starting the organization was regret. “It was really amazing, because I had struggled with a lot of things in the past. So many experiences I’ve had weren’t even close to as healing as skateboarding was.”

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