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May 2003

Gordon Knoll Condos – Busalacchi condo project – Beerline Bike Trail – RNA and Park East development – Vital Source and Danceworks – Riverwest Directory – Landlord Training Program – Bonnie Bruch receives Professional Fair Housing Award – new UEC complex groundbreaking – Krulos’ comics at Onopa – Propert Tax increases – Summer of Peace Youth Rally – Juana G. Vega Cinco de Mayo celebration – Locust Street Festival Beer Run – Good Greens – Gardeners Market – Riverwest Forum

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2003 Riverwest Events Calendar

These neighborhood events attract hundreds, even thousands of people to Riverwest. If you are interested in participating, contact the person listed beneath each event. All events are posted monthly on the Riverwest Currents website. March 15 — St. Patrick’s Pub Crawl (3rd annual) The Pub Crawl was started in 2001 by Erik Peterson. The Crawl […]

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December 2002

Latina poets – Drum and Civic Leadership Corps – No more Historic Preservation Officer – Riverwest Artist Association Santa-windo-rama – Bremen St. Block Club – Riverwest Best of – Reservoir Park – Co-Op and Credit Union ATMs, food stamps

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What Makes this Publication Worth Supporting?

As one of the three publications that sprang out of Riverwest early this year, the Riverwest Currents has a well-defined niche. Unlike Vital Source or The Press, our primary audience is not city or county-wide. Our focus is first on the Riverwest neighborhood. . . . Our main focus is not consumption, whether it be of disposable goods, arts, entertainment, etc. But it’s a tricky line to walk, because newspapers depend on advertisers to stay afloat.

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by Marena Kehl Have you heard of cohousing? Cohousing is an idea which has been actualized throughout history, and currently flourishes in Denmark, Norway, Germany, France, and the United States. There is at least one successful cohousing community in Madison (at the corner of Mills and Mound Streets). A cohousing community is a group of […]