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Leave your kiddies home if you go to see Robert Melee’s work (now through Sept. 18) at the Milwaukee Art Museum. It’s part of their ongoing “Currents” exhibitions (this is #31) designed to keep us abreast of what’s new on the contemporary art horizon. The wild installation is in the old Cudahy Gallery which used to feature smarmy paintings of cows and such, and to say the space has been transformed is an understatement….

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Further Down Stream June 2004

Neighbors report that police were at the Timothy Brophy property that was featured in the April Riverwest Currents in an article called “Brophy’s Boondoggles.” In early May, police reportedly closed down a crack house operation at 603 E. Burleigh, based on comments a police officer made to a neighbor at the crime scene. A near […]

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Spin City

The final issue of Art Muscle magazine was published in the summer of 1997. As publisher/editor, I made the decision to devote our farewell to the “art of criticism.” Four well-known writers were given space to correct the common misunderstanding of the word “criticism,” i.e. that it does not mean to hammer an artist relentlessly…

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April 2004

Props to the Shepherd Express for running a lengthy article on our neighborhood — it’s good to see some in-depth local content on the cover of our city’s news and entertainment weekly. The March 3 story, “Riverwest: From Working Class to Creative Class” was a nice overview of the ‘hood by free-lancer John Rondy. You […]