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Year in Review: October 2016 Neighbor Spotlight Chuck Stebleton -followed by RAA Artist Profile Johnothan Laws

by Peggy Schulz “It’s home,” Chuck Stebelton says of Riverwest, the place he’s lived longer than any other, including his childhood in western Michigan and several years in Chicago. It’s fitting that Stebelton feels so comfortable here.  Many of the positive aspects of the neighborhood – diversity, dynamism, openness, stability and even an element of […]

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The Underwater Panther

by Vince Bushell In the warms days of 2013 I was researching the work of Increase Lapham. Lapham was a self taught surveyor, engineer and scientist, including botany, meteorology, and archaeology. His book, The Antiquities of Wisconsin, finished in 1852 and published by the Smithsonian Institution in 1855, is a fascinating record of the Indian […]