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99 Bottles of Beer

Microbreweries: Mom and Pop Tops  99 Bottles of Beer
by Julie Strand  
I ordered a Moustache Ride.
My very attentive  waitress told me that this was the most popular  beer sold in Riverwest’s Stone Fly Brewery.  
I enjoyed it. I decided I would be back for more when  I didn’t have an article to write.  

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20 Years of Lakefront

RIVERWEST has found another excuse to raise a glass of its self-titled beverage. This year is the 20th anniversary of the beer that made a neighborhood famous: Riverwest Stein. Towards the end of 1987, commercial production began at the Lakefront Brewery, an operation that Ann Pogorelc of Tony’s Tavern in Walker’s point still refers to as “the Klisch boys from Riverwest.”

The Klisch boys are the brothers Jim and Russ, a cop and a chemist, both born and raised in Brown Deer, who found themselves as young adults sharing a house at 2951 Bremen Street in the early 80s.