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Kari Behling

It’s not necessary to ask Kari Behling what is precious to her. Within a few minutes in her presence it’s impossible not to feel the love and acceptance in the air. Her family, foster kids, foster families and community take up the majority of space in her heart. Even while suffering from a nasty cold she took the time to be interviewed for this “Spotlight” because of the potential for spreading the word.

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Valuing Children

After the divorce, my mom worked at a daycare center for a while. She was a full time student patching together jobs to support her two daughters while trying to get an education that would allow her to give us a better life. She would tell us about the kids at the center sometimes, and you could tell that she cared about those children.

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Mathibela Sebothoma

The Neighbor Spotlight focuses this month on a man who is a recent arrival to Riverwest. Mathibela Sebothoma moved into the rectory at St. Mary Czestochowa last December when he began his studies at Marquette University. He came here from South Africa where he lived through a remarkable time of history.

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The Grapes of Activism & the Politics of Meaning

“The Right is correct; there is a huge spiritual crisis in America. And the Left doesn’t get it,” said Rabbi Michael Lerner, an antiwar activist in the 1960s, editor of Tikkun magazine in Berkeley, and organizer of the conference. And with that, the conference began with the launching of a new initiative, the Network of SpiritualProgressives (NSP) to help bring about the spiritual transformation of society and politics in America.