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Super Heroes

On Sunday, September 15, the clouds were grey and there was a light mist of rain. In the afternoon, I had a visitor. I can’t reveal his real name, but he is familiar to many people as the red-cowled “Real Life Superhero” known as the Watchman. It was a great moment when I handed the Watchman a copy of my finished book, Heroes in the Night. On the first page I had written an inscription — “To the Watchman — Thank you for sharing the adventure of your life.”

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July 2013 Calendar

JUL 1-3 & 5 BEERLINE TRAIL, by Cafe Corazon, 3129 N Bremen, Free drop-in art activities for kids 4-17 sponsored by AWE,

JUL 1-31 RIVERWEST CO-OP CAFÉ, 733 E Clarke,  Jesse Graves: Mudstencils on Panel (see ad Page 4)

JUL 7-14 POWER DOWN WEEK Get off the grid! (see story Page 5)

JUL 12-14, 18-21 SHAKESPEARE IN THE PARK, Kilbourn/Kadish Park,  As You Like It

JUL 19-31 ART BAR, 722 E Burleigh, Art Show Opening: SuperCalatravalistic (see ad Page 15)


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Further Down Stream June 2013

Power Down Week, July 7-14

by Zahner of Transition Milwaukee

“Reduce your carbon footprint and do it together!”

Transition Milwaukee will host the fourth annual Power Down Week, a series of events held throughout the city designed to build community while using less energy. From July 7 through July 14, individuals and organizations will participate in teaching do-it-yourself skills and workshops that incorporate less reliance on fossil fuels. Last year neighborhoods hosted a “kalegate” party, clothing swap, general fix-it gathering, honey-tasting, contra dance, homemade personal care products workshop, and many other group gatherings.


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Opinion – Can We All Get Along?

by Ellen C. Warren 

Rodney King died a couple weeks ago. At 47 years of age. Anyone over 12 probably remembers Mr. King. Beaten to a pulp by L.A. policemen, whose acquittal from charges sparked riots in Los Angeles. Rodney King, whose simple question, “Can we all get along?” lives on, still unsatisfactorily answered. Would he have lived longer without the beating? More to the point, would he have lived longer if he hadn’t been born black?

Welcome to Milwaukee! In 2005 The Black Commentator chose the 10 Worst States in the U.S. to be Black. Guess who topped the list? In their words, “Wisconsin, and in particular the Milwaukee area justly merit the invidious distinction of the worst place in the nation to be black.” The deciding factor, because it so profoundly affects the entire community, was the percentage of the black population that is incarcerated. In 2005 that number was just over 4%. Four or five out of every hundred black Wisconsinites held in jail or prison!