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In Memorium: Marvin Hill, 1952-2003


by Mark Lawson

Perhaps no other artist has been so closely identified with the Riverwest community as printmaker Marvin Hill. Marvin passed away on December 2 after a five-year battle with lymphoma. His graphics for Artwalk posters, T-shirts, and pins throughout the 1990s gave the event a highly recognizable style with a humorous, down-home character. A prodigious artist who often sketched even while eating in a restaurant or working at one of the countless art fairs he participated in with his wife Wendy, he produced hundreds of different prints in his lifetime.

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TTN: Bus TV for You and Me

by Carrie Trousil

Milwaukee is the second city after only Orlando, that corporate slattern of America, to have televisions installed on its public buses. Quite honestly, it doesn’t seem that many Milwaukeeans really appreciate this parallel with the land of Mickey Mouse. In fact, people seem to find it intrusive.

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Bloodlines and Belonging: A Book Review

by Tanya Cromartie-Twaddle

The Language of Blood is a must-read for that soul on a search for identity or birthright, regardless of ethnicity. Whether trans-racially adopted or born into a long line of blood, the reader finishes the book with a better understanding of the pain of displacement and the internal battle to reclaim self without severing ties to the ones who have loved you.