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Sustainability Summit MATC

by Soumya Gokuli Since 2003, Milwaukee Area Technical College (MATC) has had the pleasure of hosting the Sustainability Summit, a widely anticipated event for the environmentally–concerned crowd. The 12th annual, 2015 Sustainability Summit and Exposition will be held March 4th-6th at the Wisconsin Center, conveniently located on downtown Milwaukee’s Wisconsin Avenue. The Summit aims to […]

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Fish Facts

Michaela Moore, UW-Milwaukee First Year Biology Major   What do fish breathe? Fish breathe oxygen, much like humans. However, fish don’t breathe air like humans do, they breathe the oxygen that is dissolved in the water. They don’t breathe oxygen in its molecular form H2O) though, they breathe oxygen as a gas (O2.). (Cary Institute […]

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Water Fight Is Far From Over

By Karen Schaefer

The Milwaukee Water Works system is one of the best in the nation. Our water is clean and inexpensive. We are situated on the most bountiful source of freshwater on the globe. But in a desperate response to a city-level financial crisis, the Milwaukee Common Council is considering peddling the control of our city’s most valuable and essential resource: our water.              

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Further Down Stream March 2008

FROLIC AT THE FOLLIES! Be amused and amazed by your neighbors at the Riverwest Follies – in celebration of six years of chewy news from the Riverwest Currents. See it all on Linneman’s vast stage: circus acts with a man eating chicken, belly dancers, Insurgent Theater, Eat the Mystery, and more on Sat, March 1. Only six bucks; doors open at 7PM; show at 8PM. See you on the stage or in your seat! Ciao Meow!

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Groundswells and Ripples: The Community and the River

Unlike the lengthy waterways of Green Bay and Chicago, the rivers of Milwaukee do not go much of anywhere. You can’t get to New Orleans or even Madison by canoe from here, but you can dock a really big boat. “The port of Milwaukee has the broadest bay and deepest channels on the western shores of Lake Michigan,” observed local author John Gurda while summarizing the history of our city through the lens of its three rivers.