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New Chapter for Milwaukee’s Iconic Boat House

Story and photos by Melanie Lawder   If you live in Milwaukee, there’s a good chance you’ve seen the structure before. And if you’ve seen the building once, you’ll likely remember it forever. It’s a structure that makes you stop in your tracks and stare; its peculiar features just beg you to snap a photo […]

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Fish Facts

Michaela Moore, UW-Milwaukee First Year Biology Major   What do fish breathe? Fish breathe oxygen, much like humans. However, fish don’t breathe air like humans do, they breathe the oxygen that is dissolved in the water. They don’t breathe oxygen in its molecular form H2O) though, they breathe oxygen as a gas (O2.). (Cary Institute […]

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Local Food! Local Fish! Milwaukee Urban Fish Production

Jon Bales is founder of a new Milwaukee organization, the Urban Aquaculture Center, dedicated to demonstrating how urban fish production can become a sustainable foodproducing industry. Milwaukee has an unprecedented opportunity to remove itself from its rustbelt city image and move in a purposeful direction using a new set of tools. It can do this by embracing the latest in green innovation and becoming recognized as a leader in urban agriculture.

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Boxed In!

by Jackie Reid Dettloff When Tom Tolan wrote his community history of Riverwest, he began by focusing on the Milwaukee River: “Today, many people think of it as little more than a boundary between neighborhoods, a basement for bridges…but I …want to give the river its proper due as the most important constant in the […]

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Hey, Joe, you don’t sue your neighbor. Oh, I forgot, Attorney Joseph Kaye isn’t a neighbor, or neighborly for that matter. When I met him about a year ago he came to me fishing for a story in the Riverwest Currents about how unfair it was that Julilly Kohler was getting the opportunity to develop […]