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Co-op Fest

You say you need a source of income and the traditional job market just isn’t doing it for you? Or you are employed, but mentally and/or emotionally unsatisfied with the work you’re doing? Maybe you have a desire to feel more a part of the community you live in. Would you like to work toward a sense of economic justice for all?

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Super Heroes

On Sunday, September 15, the clouds were grey and there was a light mist of rain. In the afternoon, I had a visitor. I can’t reveal his real name, but he is familiar to many people as the red-cowled “Real Life Superhero” known as the Watchman. It was a great moment when I handed the Watchman a copy of my finished book, Heroes in the Night. On the first page I had written an inscription — “To the Watchman — Thank you for sharing the adventure of your life.”

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Neighbor Spotlight May 2012

Lyssa Spencer

by  Tea Krulos, Photo by Paul Kjelland 

The Gathering by the Waters festival is a meeting of three different tribes – Latino, Native, and Polish Americans of the Lincoln Village neighborhood. The event will celebrate the three cultures and give them a chance to break bread together, and enjoy music, a parade, and a peace offering ceremony at sunset.

The festival is being organized by Urban Anthropology, Inc. (UrbAn) where Llysa Spencer works as a cultural anthropologist.