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Instant Family Addition

by Peter Schmidtke / photo by Peter Di Antoni

Sometimes, life can be hard to figure out. Former Riverwest residents Melissa and Matthew Karpowicz were confronted with that reality last year when Melissa’s aunt and uncle, Constance and Gary Kadlee, passed away less than two months apart, leaving behind three school-aged children.

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Riverwest Continues to Become More Bike Friendly

The number of Riverwest establishments offering a rack to park your bike is growing. Erik Peterson recently installed bike racks at Falcon Bowl (2), Riverwest Artists Association, Click, 2565 N. Fratney — an office/storefront lower, currently under construction and looking for a tenant, Woodland Pattern, and R-Evolution Bookshop and Cafe. He will be putting bike […]

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Fifth Annual Umali Awards Roundup: Sarah Buccheri wins most DIWITTYs

story by Jason Hart, photo by Renato Umali The Jody Monroe gallery was packed with people wearing suits and dresses, anticipation was high, and the conversation buzzed with speculation as the fifth annual Umali awards began July 22 on Center Street in Riverwest. Renato Umali, a Milwaukee-based artist, musician, and self-described obsessivecompulsive record keeper, started […]