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Woodland Pattern Poetry Coalition Reading

WOODLAND PATTERNBOOKCENTER 720 E. LOCUST ST. MILWAUKEE, WI 53212 p. 414-263-5001 SATURDAY, MARCH 17, Woodland Pattern will host a reading with Nikki Wallschlaeger, Jay Besemer, and Jose-Luis Moctezuma. The reading was organized by Milwaukee Poet Laureate, Roberto Harrison. WoodlandPattern is part of The Poetry Coalition , an alliance of more than 20 poetry organizations across […]

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Neighbor Spotlight: Sarah Zahner

by Lee Gutowski Sarah Zahner (pronounced “ZAYner”—and she goes by her last name) was downright giddy to be featured in this space when I asked her if she’d participate. As you will learn—unless you already know Zahner, and in that case, it’s no surprise—the woman is an enthusiastic, active community member who’s been involved in […]

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Neighbor Spotlight – Lisa Knapp

by Tea Krulos, photos Vince Bushell  Lisa is from Lansing, Michigan, but she became bored with life there. There just wasn’t much to do. She recalls that she spent her time with her youthful friends going to the mall, bowling, and hanging out at an arcade called Pinball Pete’s smoking cigarettes, then hanging out at […]