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Neighbor Spotlight: Jim Hawley

Photo and story by Amy Budnowski , Alex Riley, Abbey Swasko, , Emily Nixa, Nicole Jaworski, Nikhil Naik, Samuel Markwardt, Kao Seng Thao, Samantha Tripp-Greenman, Dr. Melissa Schoeffel, Lecturer

“I liked to think that in some small way I was doing my part to preserve some of America’s past. Now I have a more exciting job. I’m cleaning up after America’s future.”

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$355K Comes In Late; Holton Plan Approved

On September 25, the Milwaukee Common Council approved the rezoning of the site at the northwest corner of Holton and Brown for the development of a 53-unit, five storey building. The proposal had been stuck in committee for over a year. Why was it so long in coming? And why, when the development itself received little opposition, was the final, approving vote still a narrow victory of 8 to 6?