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Water Works Vs. MMSD & History Of Milwaukee Water

Milwaukee’s Water Works are now run as a public institution. The Metro
Milwaukee Sewerage District (MMSD) facilities are run by a private
corporation (Veolia) and overseen by the MMSD commissioners. MMSD is run
by a Commission made up of eleven members. Seven are appointed by the
mayor of the City of Milwaukee (subject to Common Council confirmation).
At least three must be elected officials and each of the seven members must
have his or her principal residence in the City of Milwaukee.

Photo of deep tunnel addition, Spring 2009. vb

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Water Fight Is Far From Over

By Karen Schaefer

The Milwaukee Water Works system is one of the best in the nation. Our water is clean and inexpensive. We are situated on the most bountiful source of freshwater on the globe. But in a desperate response to a city-level financial crisis, the Milwaukee Common Council is considering peddling the control of our city’s most valuable and essential resource: our water.              

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Further Down Stream January 2009

COMMUNITY CASH? Efforts are underway to create a local currency, potentially for use in Riverwest and beyond. The goals of the currency include supporting local businesses, cultivating community self-reliance, strengthening our local economy, and fostering environmental, social and economic sustainability. To get involved or find out more, call 263.1513 or email The next meeting will be held on Thursday, Jan. 22 at 7pm.

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Calendar October 2008

October 2008 1 WEDNESDAY      Arts Center Lecture Hall 2400 E. Kenwood Blvd. DEPARTMENT OF VISUAL ART: ARTISTS NOW! GUEST LECTURE SERIES-PAUL McMULLAN: BENEATH THE SURFACE: THE CERAMIC ART OF PAUL McMULLAN. 7pm. Free.  Paul McMullan investigates the making of his current ceramic sculptures and his twenty years of art making, “a journey that has included […]

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Further Down Stream July 2008


GUILTY – Former alderman Mike McGee was found guilty on all nine federal counts of extortion and bribery on June 24 following six hours of deliberation by the jury. Sentencing is scheduled for Oct 24 where he faces up to 30 years, but likely much less. “Based upon the evidence, Ald. McGee’s guilt was his own and was not shared by the rest of the Common Council, the License Division, the city attorney’s office, or the Milwaukee Police Department, all of whom sit on every license hearing as active participants,” said Ald. Willie Hines. Still pending is the state’s case which is expected to resume in July unless a plea deal is reached.