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Rising Property Assessments in Riverwest

In the past year, Riverwest property values increased faster than any other neighborhood in Milwaukee, leaving many residents surprised and concerned. In Milwaukee, residential property values increased by almost 10 percent overall. The average increase in Riverwest was around 24 percent, while in some pockets of Riverwest, average property values almost doubled. “I was shocked,” […]

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Brophy’s Boondoggles

by Stacy LaPoint

Last October Milwaukee Magazine did a story on the city’s five worst residential landlords. One of the subjects of that piece, Timothy Brophy, Jr. owns many Riverwest properties in various states of disrepair. According to Todd Weiler, Public Information and Training Coordinator for the Department of Neighborhood Services (DNS), poor property management is typical of Brophy. “He will buy a property already in bad shape and continue to rent it without addressing the code violations,” said Weiler.